How to Spot a Good Content Writer That You Will Want to Hold On To

By Mohit | Freelance

Aug 11

Most websites these days are in constant need of new content. Content writers, freelance or otherwise, are absolutely necessary for websites to keep publishing a continuous stream of quality content to attract and keep the attention of their faithful readers and visitors.

Hiring content writers, be it through any medium, has to be handled very carefully. Not everyone with a functional idea of how to string together two sentences in the English language is capable of mass producing content suitable for the internet audience.

When trying to find a good content writer, it may be useful to write down a few bullet points and keep checking them to see if someone you’re considering for the job is indeed a fitting match.

Asking for sample work, going through their educational qualifications and such are obvious steps to take while trying to find a suitable candidate for the position of a content writer. However, that may not be enough.

Here a few things to keep in mind while trying to spot a good content writer for the web from among the hundreds:

Do they have the adequate skills for the job?

For a prospective content writer to have the adequate educational qualifications is a great point in their favor. However, someone without a bachelor’s degree in English can also be found to be capable for this job. The key is to test these writers. Ask them to write and submit sample works. Diligently go through their writing samples, because carelessness at this stage will only lead to loss for you. Check their grammar, punctuation, spellings and accuracy. Determine if the person you’re considering for the position is comfortable writing what you need them to write.

Are they capable of producing quality content on time?

Another important reason to these the writers is to get an understanding of how much time they will require to finish a given assignment and whether that period of time is adequate or excessive. For this purpose, assign a certain number of topics and give them a limited period of time which you think is enough and see how they fare. A person who is fit for the job of a content writer should be punctual with their work.

Do they have an eye for detail?

Research is the most important parts of writing content. Testing the probable candidates will go a long way in making sure of this as well. Research and studying for writing content should be done methodically and the information gathered should be categorically classified to make better use of time and resources. How the writer chooses to incorporate these details into their work should indicate their capability.

Are they prepared to produce content daily?

To ensure that the writer you’re going to hire is productive, personal connection, on a basic level, will have to be established. Talk to them and find out if they intend to set and follow a schedule for doing the work. Discipline is of the essence in this line of work. It is necessary for the writers to have a source of knowledge, wisdom, ideas and resources for research. These writers need to be able to produce large amount of content in a short period of time; thus, lucidity and speed in writing are mandatory qualities.

It is not enough to simply find “good” writers from websites like People Per Hour or Elance. One must have a keen eye to spot a truly capable writer for publishing quality content on the web.

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